With the first day of spring already passed, and with the sun shining, we want you to know about Black Bee Honey’s Spring Honey and Seed Bombs – a perfect option for those who have found themselves with a little more time at home!
British Spring Honey Creamy and light, Black Bee Honey’s first soft set honey is foraged from spring flowers in Somerset. As with all of the Black Bee Honey range, this honey has been analysed for specific pollen types found in the jar and includes hawthorn, maple, cherry tree, sweet chestnut and buttercup – among others. (£6.50 / 227g)
Seed Bombs: The hand made seed bombs contain 21 different varieties of native wildflowers and grasses which can help support a wide range of wildlife including butterflies, and of course bees! Profits go to the Bee Friendly Trust who transform the nation’s neglected spaces into thriving floral habitats for honey bees and other pollinators. (£7.50)
Black Bee Honey is an award-winning British honey brand who work collaboratively to produce single origin honey with like-minded beekeepers around the UK to ensure the best welfare and quality possible.

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