I absolutely love my oriental cuisine and I wanted to share my love on Bang Bang Oriental. 

Located along the Edgware Road in North London lies a stunning foodhall with over 20 different vendors supplying the very best in Oriental cuisine, with foods from Japan to China to Thailand to India and more. This food hall is one of the largest Asian food halls in the UK and does not disappoint. 

The food is cooked on premise so it comes out hot, fresh and is simply delicious. The process of dining at the food hall is very simple. You simply choose which food vendor you want to dine at, place the order at the tills and pay for the food, they then give you a buzzer and you then head back to your table and wait for the buzzer to flash, when it does you can then go and collect your food and enjoy. 

My first stop was Yaki Ya for some of their meat and seafood skewers. Yaki Ya serves the best best selection of Japanese Food. I opted for the x3 skewers where I had chicken, lamb and prawn all in a lovely sweet and slightly spicy teriyaki sauce. They were accompanied with sweet potato chips and a lovely salad. The Chicken Katsu Curry was also another offering here and it was full of taste and was accompanied with a salad bowl. The chicken was succulent and crispy and the sauce contained carrots and potatoes which made it even more tasty. 

Whether you want a curry or so taste some of their delicious street foods, Yaki Ya has something for everyone. They portions are very reasonable and the food is very well presented. The varied selection bento boxes are also perfect for lunch or dinner and they also come with a miso soup, fried tofu, rice and a mixed salad. 

Next stop was Makatcha! This vendor offers some very tasty Indonesian Foods and BBQ diner specials. I opted for the Chilli Tumis Wings and wow these were so full of taste and the portion size was big enough for at least 2-3 people at least. The wings were spicy and sticky and made using Kashmir Chillies, these are extremely spicy but worked well with the coated sauce. I would order these again as an appetiser or even as a side dish to share. Makatcha also serve a delicious Chicken Rendang which is a Sumatran slow cooked coconut chicken curry. Being slow cooked, the chicken is not chunky so it’s very much shredded texture but extremely tender and just has a ‘melt in the mouth’ feel. They also have a selection of BBQ wings and also their BBQ Chicken Satay dish which can be ordered as a quarter, half or even a whole chicken, and this is served with their homemade peanut sauce. I love this Indonesian way of dining and the food is great and more so especially for groups of friends wanting a chicken feast. 

My last stop from this food haven was Little Thai Silk. Serving the best in Thai cuisine, there are dishes ranging from special red and green curries, satay chicken, tom yam soup, pad Thai noodles and more. A favourite dish of mine was the chef’s special being the Chicken Green Curry and Rice, this dish was full of authenticity and flavour with it being not spicy, a good sized main course and affordable too. The service was great and the food was extremely fresh and piping hot. If you are after real Thai food, this is certainly a place to stop and checkout. 

The foodhall overall is a superb place to come and grab a light snack or a dinner to takeaway but even more perfect with a group of people. Taking in the aroma’s of all the dishes was mouth watering and the venue is very clean and spacious not giving you a cramped feeling like other food halls can give. 

The food is very affordable and the best thing is that you don’t have to head far to enjoy fabulous Asian foods. With a seating capacity for 450 guests, and with the food hall being open 7 days a week, it’s the perfect venue for breakfast, lunch or dinner and for all occasions. 

There are some fabulous celebrations over the Chinese New Year period, so go and enjoy some fabulous cuisines and times with your special ones. 

For more on this fabulous Asian food haven, please check out their website at https://www.bangbangoriental.com

By Sunny Andrea

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