MarosEtti bags is a brand whose creative soul is Els Demeersman, a Belgian designer already known in the world of luxury fashion. Also this year the brand presented its original collections at the MFW in February 2021 on the occasion of the “Fashion Lounge” event.

MarosEtti Bags is a brand that firmly tells its way of feeling and seeing fashion, unique lines, which express a particular attention to detail, all to ensure an unmistakable style. MarosEtti creations are projected to an apparently minimal design concept, but which are pronounced with particular cuts and clean lines, consequently suggesting very refined architectural structures. The Belgian designer, coherent on a research path between uniqueness of form, modernity and sustainability of the material, is moved by curiosity that stimulates her to seek new and non-trivial concepts for her creations.

An absolutely contemporary vision that of Els, which expresses elegance and true Italian craftsmanship, loves transforming each of her ideas into a new collection of bags and accessories, which reflect tradition and new trends. MarosEtti is a brand that expresses the value of made in Italy, history, experience and beauty, the real strength of our country, the material that it absolutely loves is leather, which has always been fascinated by this world, by its smell, from the consistency and above all from the processing. First of all, he personally takes care of the choice of leathers and small metal parts, turning to qualified suppliers. No woman can resist MarosEtti bags. The reason is very simple and Els declares it: “I design bags for the contemporary and fashion-conscious woman. Our family-owned Italian manufacturer uses sustainable materials and contrasting colors to produce leather bags of exceptional quality and design ”.

Each bag reflects its own style, defines it, and a woman never goes out without it: she is a companion, an identity card no less significant than a dress and much more than any other accessory that all fashion addicts always want to have. own following, on every occasion.

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Writer: Gabriella Chiarappa