I’ve never been one to order food online, I’d rather go to the grocery store or go to a restaurant to pick up a takeway meal (in these days of lockdown when dining in a restaurant is not an option). One days I saw an ad for a food delivery business called Shuro Shirin which made Persian food. The food looked enticing, different and delicious so I’d though I would order a few dishes to see that it tasted like, and the food was way better then what I expected.

Shuro Shirin started with a very simple mission, to make Persian food more accessible to everyone. Founded by two brothers, Samir and Nardair, the dishes offered by Shuro Shirin are inspired by the many years they feasted at their grandparents’ house with the whole family. 

Shuro Shirin offer a rich and varied range of dishes, from stews to soups, and rice to dips. Inspired by mouth- watering traditional flavours and dishes of Persia, the meals are authentic, healthy and above all, irresistibly tasty. 

The delicious menu includes stews:

  • Braised lamb neck in homemade stock (a Persian classic!)

  • Braised turmeric chicken (the dish that will leave you coming back for more)

  • Aubergine and split pea stew (will give you love at first bite – vegan and vegetarian friendly)

  • Chicken, pomegranate and walnut stew (perfectly paired with saffron rice)

  • Lamb, kidney bean and herb stew (considered the national dish of Iran)

  • Lamb and yellow split pea stew (cooked low and slow)

  • Persian spiced lamb and green bean rice (Persian comfort food)

  • Persian lamb and celery stew (simple but full of flavour) 

For a lighter main dish, Shuro Shirin also offers a selection of Persian-inspired soups:

  • Persian noodle soup (made with noodles, chickpeas, beans, fresh herbs and Persian soured yoghurt)

  • Creamy barley soup (delicious and comforting)

  • Lamb, potato and bean soup (made with homemade lamb stock from a thousand year old recipe!)

  • Green lentil soup (simple but packed full of flavour) 

Rice and Dips (Saffron rice on its own, or with dill and broad beans or barberries, Smoked aubergine and tomato dip, and Grilled aubergine and walnut dips. Their desserts include Almond baklava, Pistachio baklava, Pesian Bamieh (doughnuts sweetened with rose water syrup) and honey and almond shortbread. 

Persian food is famed for its herbal and aromatic flavours and is typically a slow, low heated and considerate style of cooking – cooking is a labour of love, after all! 

The food is delicious and nutritious, and would be time consuming if you made it from scratch. So let the Shuro Shirin team do all the work for you, and for you it means no prepping, no cooking, no mess. 

The meals are beautifully made and wonderfully delicious. Orders of £50 or more comes with free delivery. Orders placed by 12pm from Monday to Thursday we aim to deliver your order by 5pm the following business day. Orders placed after 12pm or on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday will be processed the following business day. Please note during exceptionally busy times these timings may vary.  


Review by Tim Baros