There is nothing more satisfying and exciting than your favourite designers launching a new fragrance. Fragrances have to be my favourite daily accompaniments after showering and getting dressed and I wanted to share my excitement on Gucci launching Gucci Guilty Love Edition Pour Femme! This is a limited edition fragrance following on from the Gucci Guilty collection and marking the first anniversary of #ForeverGuilty.  Following on from such a special occasion, Gucci have launched two fabulous new fragrances and yes there is also one for the males as well. 

The Gucci Guilty Love Pour Femme is a really fresh but beautifully smelling fragrance. It’s one that makes a statement but at the same time is not too over powering, featuring nodes of patchouli, musks and ambers. This Eau De Parfum is available in both a 50ml and a 90ml soft pink bottle and makes the perfect gift for all special females on Valentines Day but also for gifts in general. Branded with their two signature interlocking G’s, this designer brand can never get missed by anyone. 

Everything about this product oozes style and class and I have to say that Gucci never disappoints when it comes to their fragrances, they are delightfully packaged and just make the perfect scent for either day or night wear. 

The male version of this stunning fragrance is Gucci Guilty Love Pour Homme. This fragrance is available as an Eau De Toilette (EDT) and comes in a 50ml or 90ml green bottle. The best way to describe this fragrance in terms of scents is that it has a beautiful mix of being citrusy yet spicy and masculine at the same time. I love this and I would say it’s extremely fresh and with a lasting fragrance. I feel that this scent is perfect for the modern day man wanting something a little more flexible in terms of day wear – this is not too over done and perfect for daily use. 

I love this sophisticated scent, one to definitely check out! 

With both fragrances, a little goes a long way so a few sprays do actually last me the whole day and infact have brought in some lovely compliments, you won’t be disappointed with Gucci and their two new fragrances.  

For more on Gucci and their stunning collection of fragrances, do checkout the beauty section on their website at

By Sunny Andrea

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