Beautiful Baylis & Harding have done it again and come out with the stunning Pink Gin Fizz Collection. I absolutely love this British brand of toiletries as their products look absolutely beautiful but there smells and scents are of the highest quality and the products are extremely affordable. 

I wanted to share my love on the pink gin fizz collection which is perfect for Valentine’s Day or just treating a special loved one in your life. Whether you are looking for shower gels, bath cremes or bath soaps, there is something for everyone and the sets that they come in are just perfect. 

A favourite set of mine has to be the luxury Beach Bag Gift Set. The collection is limited edition and comes in a stunning clear tote bag which contains a beautiful baby pink and white striped beach towel along with a shower cream, a body wash, a moisturising body lotion and a bath and shower gel. The products are all full size as well which makes it even better value. The best thing is that the clear totebag can be used for shopping, on holiday or for anything you fancy really and it’s a really nice size so you can fit a good few items in it. The products are all paraben free and have not been tested on animals at all. The fragrances are very citrusy with some chocolate notes in but overall quite a sweet fragrance but not overpowering. The bath and body products are very smooth on my skin and the scents are still very much present after taking a bath. This gift set makes the ideal gift for any female and leaves you feeling fresh and gorgeous smelling.

Another favourite collection of mine is the Luxury Hand Cream Set. My hands are always feeling a little bit dry and also with sensitive skin I just find that the handcream from Baylis & Harding Are extremely gentle on my skin but really do leave them feeling soft for a long long time. The other great thing is that they are not greasy when applied and the scent is soft smelling. This Beautiful gift set contains x3 gorgeous 50ml hand creams Which are perfect to also pack and take when travelling. 

They also have a luxurious slipper gift set which contains some ultra plush and soft slippers along with a selection of lovely Baylis & Harding toiletries. This really is the perfect gift for mums and a set that she can really make the most of whilst being in pure comfort. The slippers are very good quality and comfortable and warming and the products are just ideal. I cannot fault this brand in any way as they are just an affordable provider of luxurious toiletries for all ages to enjoy. 

For more information on Baylis & Harding and their stunning collection, checkout their website at

By Sunny Andrea 

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