Oakham-based bakery Cakehead has always had a focus on making insanely great bakes, but the commitment to bringing people joy through cake runs far deeper than that. From the beginning, the company has believed that making their product easy to order, delivered on time and ready to enjoy is also key to keeping customers more than satisfied. It’s an approach that they call ‘Beyond Baking.’
They bring the same attention to ingredients that they do to customer service, going so far as to hand-crack every egg they use to ensure the freshness of each one. Flour providers are carefully vetted and coffee only comes from suppliers who actively invest in the welfare of growers and sustainable production processes. Likewise, chocolate is from sustainable sources with investment in growers from the Ivory Coast and Ghana. Whenever possible, UK-grown sugar is used, reducing carbon footprint and supporting suppliers closer to home too.
2020 has been a testing time for many companies, but Cakehead have stuck to their values of joy, quality, professionalism and creativity to flourish in the face of adversity and help others while they did it. The building and opening of their new Cakery this year not only brought work to those who built it but has also created 30 new jobs in Rutland, not an insignificant amount in what is the UK’s smallest county. 

The other innovation that 2020’s challenges have brought about is Cakehead’s Cakeout offering. These boxes of select bakes have been created to bring  people who can’t visit coffee shops their favourite bakes to their door with free delivery. A perfect lift for all those seemingly endless WFH hours or an ideal gift for friends and family you may not be able to see in person this festive season, they’re also available in Indulgent, Lighter and Vegan/ Gluten-Free choices that mean there really is something for everyone.
‘It goes without saying that 2020 has been a tough year with many unexpected challenges,’ says Helen Finnegan, who together with husband Chris founded Cakehead. ‘But it is really heartening to know that sticking to our values has actually turned many of those challenges into opportunities for us. But we shouldn’t be surprised really. After all, cake does tend to make just about any situation that little bit better’.