I love makeup and one of my favourite makeup artists has to be the beautiful British talented Charlotte Tilbury MBE. Everything about her and her stunning collection of makeup and skincare just ooze class and sophistication. 

The Pillow Talk collection is one I wanted to share my love on as it’s a collection that never seems to age, there is such a wide variety of products perfect for my skin, being sensitive but also the colours and shades work perfectly with my olive skin tone. I find that with my skin tone, not being light, medium or dark, it’s that kind of in between, almost medium but not quite, and then sometimes very olive looking, I do struggle with shades of lipstick and whether to go with bronzer or blusher, but with Charlotte Tilbury’s collection, my makeup problems have been answered! 

Charlotte Tilbury has launched the Matte Revolution lipsticks. These are perfectly matte and also contain orchid extract which helps to soften, protect and hydrate lips, this is such a godsend as my lips can get very dry and sometimes feel cracked. These lipsticks are perfect to give the illusion of fuller looking lips but the colours are also very long lasting and easy to apply. The Pillow Talk shade is actually perfect for day or night wear and for the quality and end results, this is definitely worth a shop. 

With perfect pouting lips in order, let’s not forget to look after our beautiful eyes. The Pillow Talk Luxury Palette has four shimmering and glamorous shades to brighten and draw attention to your eyes in a way for all to adore. The palette has not been tested on animals and is also free from any nasty sulphates, glutens and parabens. You are free to create a natural day look with this palette but also be more daring with a more bolder, sassier look for nights out, the lighter shade can also be used as a highlighter if you wish! This quartet is in such a beautiful and stylish box case with a mirror and is compact enough for any makeup bag or handbag. I love this eyeshadow palette – it’s the prettiest I have seen in a long while with matte and shimmering shades from rose to gold to almost champagne-like shades and browns. It’s just full of elegance, I would not expect anything less from makeup Queen Charlotte Tilbury. 

Other stunning products from Charlotte’s collection include the Pillow Talk Eyeliner which is a really sexy brown shade, it’s blendable and with all her products, this pen also releases high colouring and is perfect for both lining the eyes as well as the water lines. Striking for creating a suitable ‘day look’ or even something a little more smokey for the nights. 

The above items have to be my favourites to get you on your way to creating a beautiful full face look but before applying any makeup, do not forget about looking after your face and prepping it. This is where the globally talked about Magic Cream comes into play. This cream has to be seen to be believed and it definitely does not disappoint. This cream is the most amazing I have ever come across as it really does transform your skin from something dull or normal to just WOW!!! 

This cream is packed with many healthy extracts, vitamins and oils to instantly show off younger, more hydrated and moisturised skin. 

After one application, my skin was literally looking so radiant and glowing, it felt a lot more alive and definitely feeling the softest it had felt in a long time!!! I cannot even explain how magical this moisturising cream is and it even contains vitamin C & E to assist in brightening and evening out your skin complexion. 

The magic cream is available in a 50ml size and also now available in a perfect travel size of 30ml. A little of the cream goes a long way and the cream works wonders whilst keeping your skin hydrated and moisturised for up to 24 hours. 

Charlotte Tilbury has a superb collection of makeup and skincare products suited for all ages where quality and results are the priority. The products are delivered so elegantly and are the perfect gift this Valentine’s Day, or as a special treat for yourself. Indulge and enjoy…

For more on the complete Charlotte Tilbury collection, do check out her website at  www.charlottetilbury.com

By Sunny Andrea

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