I always find that during the colder months of the year especially winter going into spring my skin just seems to try up and become a lot more hard to manage. I was doing some research on other make up brands and skincare products out there that were potentially ones to solve this problem and I came across some beautiful products from the body shop. The reason I love the body shop so much especially for their skincare collection is that they are very gentle on my skin especially as I have sensitive skin but more so the fact that they do not have such a wide range of chemicals and that their products are not tested on animals.

I wanted to share with you instead low the CC cream I love this because a little goes a long way and more so where in terms of winter seasons I always find that my skin loses a little bit of colour and maybe looks a little bit off town so with this CC cream it actually does correct my skintone and just gives it not only moisture for the whole day but just a beautiful glow as well as ensuring that you look pretty flawless. I love it the colour that I use is bright glow and it comes in at 25ML squeezy tube it’s perfect for light to olive skin tones And the cream does not feel heavy either nor does it give a greasy look. I always find that that’s great for an all day look however moving onto the evenings if you are heading out it’s always nice to get a little bit more coverage and the body shop have an all in one face base which is literally a godsend as it has everything all wrapped up into one product to save you carrying a powder and a foundation in your makeup bag. This adorable compact face base applied onto skin at ease and gives a great medium to full all over cover.

I have an olive skin tone so shade six for me works perfectly and it can either be applied with a sponge or even just used in certain places for example and eyes and you can apply this with a foundation brush or even just your fingertips I find works really well and the results are beautiful.

Cracked lips are also a problem for me and it doesn’t matter what are use the problem still seems to be around. I had a look and I came across a Matte lip butter from the body shop which is in fact 100% vegan and again has not been tested against animals the lip butter is not only a stunning shade but also is extremely moisturising and actually glides onto my lips making them feel renewed and full of softness. I use shade 31 which is called Kobe Orchid, It has a very warm field to it and is actually perfect in creating both a day and a night-look. If you’re looking for something in liquid form there is also the mat lip liquid and the shade that I use is 21 and it’s called California Rose – This is a very beautiful feminine shade of pink not too bright but add some colour to the face.

To finish off a very natural fullface look, I had to share with you the stamp liner. I absolutely love this little felt pen as it works perfectly to create an eyelid flick but it also works as an adorable star stamp liner to that extra party feel. Combine this with some stunning eyeshadow and away you go!

For more on the fabulous The BodyShop collection and to check out some of the new make up items, please do have a look at their website at www.thebodyshop.com

By Sunny Andrea 

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